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Who is otep shamaya dating

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Am I going to be in for any nasty surprises if I buy thes CD's?I don't care if they say "fuck" every other word, but I don't want to find out it's got any Eminem style songs about dead girlfriends stuffed in the trunks of cars. Is it standard metal stuff or is there anything that's really too much for a 10 year old?My daughter watches South Park and Family Guy with me, and plays Grand Theft Auto with me and stuff, so I'm not exactly puritanical.

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Otep is, if not exclusively lesbian, at least bisexual.

There are female singers who sell themselves as sex toys or idealize themes about being submissive or subservient to men.

Dio, I know from some other threads that you're very protective of your daughters; now, I am pretty far from Otep's target demographic, being a 37 year-old straight male with no kids, but I actually have been an Otep fan for a while now.

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My 10-year-old daughter has lately become enamored with some metal band called Otep. She showed me a couple of videos, one of which was a cover of Nirvana's "Breed," and another was something called "Buried Alive," which seemed like angsty, college freshman level "I hate my life," emo metal.