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On Saturday, in the first part of a major series, we revealed in Ava Gardner’s own words how her marriage to Mickey Rooney was plagued by his infidelities.Today, in our second extract from a new book — based on a series of interviews suppressed during her lifetime — she tells PETER EVANS about her violent relationships with Howard Hughes and George C.The next day, when I arrived for the meeting with her publisher.Ava was sitting in the chair Cardiff had lit for her.And even in her mid-60s, after two devastating strokes, she still prided herself on her ability to captivate men.Of course, she knew that half her face drooped and barely anyone recognised her as she limped round the streets of London.

The people he hung around with were all Left-wing ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ — as Ava described them — and she told me she’d ‘gotten seriously into socialism’ herself.

‘He had people meeting every plane, train and bus that arrived in Los Angeles with a pretty girl on board.

He had to be the first to grab the new girl in town.

‘Howard never cared much about what he wore, or what he looked like.

Maybe on our first dates he did — but he went downhill pretty fast after that.