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Soporte para Tajik: Agrega un lenguaje más al repertorio de Thimble. Mucho más: Selector de colores mejorado, espacio en blanco visible desde el código, íconos de archivo actualizados, galería mejorada en la página de inicio, fácil importación y exportación de archivos.

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Priyanka Chopra may be the first Bollywood biggie to take center stage on the small screen Stateside, but she’s hardly the only actor of South Asian descent to make a dent in Hollywood.

Vulture rounded up some of the brown folks taking to the small screen these days as way more than your geeky sidekick, along with their two cents on being an actor of color in the industry.

“I remember early on, Eugene Mirman told me, ‘If you’re killing, people are gonna book you. Sometimes I would get asked to do ‘Asian shows’ where they would have certain themes, or there would be a ‘diversity showcase.’ And I’m like, whatever, man, put me up against the white people, I’ll destroy them. I’m not doing weird comedy, I’m just doing jokes like everyone else.” Current role: Playing a version of himself on A relative newcomer to Hollywood, Kher is a 40-year vet of Indian cinema, where he’s largely known for playing meaty comedic and character roles.

These days, the 60-year-old actor also hosts his own talk show for Indian TV.

List ranges from Stephen Tobolowsky to Jane Seymour and more. This cast list of who was in Blind Dating includes both lead and minor roles.

If you want to answer the questions, "Who starred in the movie Blind Dating?

Hij ging naar de Tufts University om pre-med (voorstudie van Geneeskunde) te gaan studeren om in zijn ouders voetsporen te treden.

“Now I'm getting a lot of scripts that have nothing to do with being Indian, and I think that's amazing.” Latest role: Mohinder Suresh on for more than a decade before immortalizing herself as Mindy Lahiri on her eponymous show, which recently shuffled over to Hulu.

— and the geniuses behind that show wisely wrote Sendhil a shirtless scene.

Covert Affairs is USA's series about a covert CIA trainee, played by Piper.

Nadat hij in verschillende toneelstukken had gespeeld besloot hij zijn beroepsdoelen te veranderen.

Hij studeerde af met een Bachelor's Degree in geschiedenis.