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This was apparently due to the fact that sexual intercourse with a woman in the state of menstrual impurity carried with it the penalty of the only infraction of the purity system to do so post-destruction.Menstrual laws remained in force and became more restrictive in the private sphere, chiefly in areas concerning physical separation from one’s spouse and internal examinations.Such bathing and laundering of clothes is required for the person contaminated by the .This chapter has an obvious chiastic structure (A-B-B’-A’) in which the abnormal male discharge (A) is followed by the normal male discharge (B), with v.The act of coitus transferred the entire seven days of impurity to the man, as well as the power to contaminate as a menstruant (Leviticus ). 19–24 state the laws concerning menstrual impurity; vv.Leviticus enjoined the people of Israel to avoid sexual relations with the woman during her, a man with an abnormal genital discharge, often and probably correctly translated as gonorrhea; vv. 25–30 concern a , a woman with a uterine discharge of blood not at the time of her period, or as a result of a prolonged period.Restrictions were instituted regarding praying and studying Torah after a seminal emission before ritual immersion.

For the male, in the case of the , the reference is to mucous-like discharge from a flaccid penis (according to rabbinic interpretation) and to normal ejaculate for other men.Corpse impurity was considered to be the most severe form of ritual impurity (), requiring sprinkling with waters of purification on the third and seventh days of the seven-day impurity.Death impurity was transferred not only by direct contact but also through the air of the enclosed tent or building or—according to rabbinic law—by overshadowing and grave fluids.In order to understand its development and its centrality in the rabbinic context, menstrual impurity must be seen in the context of the biblical purity system.The purity system of the Bible chiefly involved the Temple, sacrifices and priestly gifts, all of which had to be guarded from ritual impurity.The term was transformed into a metaphorical expression for sin and impurity in general.