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De volgende eigenschappen scoren het hoogst op je datingprofiel, waarbij het percentage staat voor het aantal berichtjes dat iemand meer of minder kreeg door het desbetreffende woord te gebruiken.
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A purported nude stag film was openly offered for sale after her death in men’s magazines, but it was mostly a ruse.There were likely several versions of the spurious product, but one consisted of bubble baths and “walking” shots of the actress cribbed from her films with some extended footage. We prefer the magnificent clip created with the help of Little Richard, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent from The Girl Can’t Help It, a 99 minute progenitor to the music video which has never been matched… These photographs were outtakes and purchased on ebay recently. NOTES: While these images are likely not held by the institutions, The Las Vegas News Bureau is HERE and the University of Nevada is HERE.

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Download these high-res JPEG images for use in your print or online promotional material.By Jim Linderman Jayne Mansfield may have been one of the most photographed women in the world during her brief lifetime, but even fifty years after her death they are “still out there” pun intended.A recent auction reveals numerous unseen and unpublished photographs of the woman who put the blonde bomb in bombshell.Vera Jayne Palmer was born in 1933 and passed away in 1967 leaving behind a massive celebrity legacy and a plethora of photographs, yet no one complains when more turn up.The photos here are attributed to Milt Palmer, at one time a photographer working for the Las Vegas New Bureau.For several years he has been working on TIMES SQUARE SMUT which will tell the story of several long forgotten writers, illustrators and mob-connected publishers from the 1950s who ultimately influenced contemporary culture.