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Her son Ellery Walker and daughter Jaya were born through this marriage; Dern also became a stepmother to Harper’s other two children from his first marriage.
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How can we conceive of and talk about gender inequality in ways that are general enough to apply across the range of relevant phenomena, consistent enough to minimize conceptual ambiguities, and precise enough to be analytically effective?Gender inequality has been extraordinarily diverse and wide spread.We all conduct our lives – choosing actions, making decisions, trying to influence others – based on theories about why and how things happen in the world.From the early stages of childhood we attribute causes, building a vision of the social (and physical) world that makes it understandable.

The materials useful for those who want to dig deeper into a topic.Women and men are unequal in every conceivable way in endless circumstances, both immediate and enduring, by both objective criteria and subjective experience. Can we characterize it in ways that let us confidently and impartially assess when there is more or less of it?We casually refer to causes and effects in normal interactions all the time.The outpouring of research and commentary on gender inequality over the past half century has been extraordinary.Unfortunately, despite all this, our understanding of what causes gender inequality remains troubled.The table of contents at the top of this page will aid speedy navigation to any topic, which is particularly helpful if you reveal all the "hidden" material.