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This looks like another one of those questionable apps that may not be around for long, since it is bound to lead to adults-only shenanigans that Apple strives (or at least gives lip service) to keeping out of the i Tunes store.

Cps schools that will be consolidating speed dating quito ecuador

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I think the only way to make a decent budget cut is to find multiple smaller cuts (perhaps such as this) and get them to add up.

CPSO: Hopefully they’re looking at other cuts as well to really make a difference.

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Here’s the list: map from Sun-Times: must hold three hearings for each school before the May 22 Board vote on school closings.Distance is also a key factor, and the report urges CPS to work with the Chicago Transit Authority on potential bus route alterations, as well as consider providing direct transportation for relocated students.The Commission’s interim report submitted in January focused on what its members believed CPS should not do.In Phase II, the Commission held meetings with Local School Councils and Community Action Councils.In addition, the public was able to engage in the process via the Commission’s Web site, I hear you, but 0k is a projection CPS made based in actual anticipated savings, not just a guess. I just don’t see how that’s sensible priority-setting policy-wise.