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AS94 BELVOIR-NET - Directorate of Automation Services AS95 NUSCLSB1 - Naval Underwater Systems Center AS96 JTELS-BEN1-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS97 NTTA-97 - NTT America, Inc. AS234 BLACKROSE-1 - Blackrose Society AS235 MERIT-AS-12 - Merit Network Inc. Technology Services AS261 FR-CINES-MONTPELLIER FR AS262 NTTA-262 - NTT America, Inc. AS264 SRINET-AS - SRI International AS265 DSI-WR-16 - Advanced Info. Net AS268 USUHSNET-AS - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences AS269 INCSYS-AS - Incremental Systems Corporation AS270 PSCNI-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS271 BCNET-AS - University of British Columbia AS272 FTMONMOUTH-ASN - USAISC-CECOM AS273 DARPA-CISCO-AS - DARPA/ISTO Office AS274 SOFT-CON-NTS-AS - Advanced Info. AS284 UUNET-IPV6 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. I AS692 SEMATECH-AS - Sematech AS693 NOTRE-DAME-AS - University of Notre Dame AS694 UTACCS-ASN - USAREUR ODCSIM AS695 SWITCH-TEST1 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS696 SWITCH-TEST2 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS697 Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung AS698 ASN-UIUC-REGION-AS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign AS700 ROKNET-AS - Rockwell International Systems AS701 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS814 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4950 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET1 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4951 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET2B - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4952 CAPECOD - Intramedia AS4953 BCPL - Baltimore County Public Library AS4954 CARR - Carroll County Government AS4955 NDL - Network Datalink, Inc. AS4979 GXS - Global e Xchange Services AS4981 TECLINK - MCI Communications Services, Inc.
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“I wanted to educate people, I wanted to do this for Cambodia.
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This doctrine simply holds that the Bible is sufficient to guide and instruct us authoritatively in all areas of our faith and life, and that there is no area of life about which the Bible has no guidance for us.
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A mainstay of the hit CBS drama “NCIS” is exiting the show.